Architectural education.

Twenty five years readapting urban core residential in Montreal. Based in Nova Scotia and have local, national and international projects in production.

Iā€™m neither a modernist nor a traditionalist. Admirer of Louis Khans great inspiration; the historic brick industrial structures of Philadelphia. I love the servant quarters of Great English country houses elegantly rendered in reduced ornamentation. I treasure historic commercial structures pushing the glazing with minimal division. I love the modernity of shared space planning, blasting out the cloistered precepts of earlier social constructs. I love to see structure, and a play of natural patina against the neutral opacity of coatings. I love the timelessness of local vernacular and deeply regret the loss of local, worldwide. I detest quick and brutal architecture that so frequently looks forlorn in a few short years. I strive for the humanity of comfortable time worn form carved open to create light filled spaces with engaging adjuncts.

I work to create a tailor made suit, carefully building up rhythm and interest, fully engaging clients. I have had the privilege of working with so many smart and interesting people who I feel have the distinguishing characteristic of understanding that you can form your environment to serve yourself. People are wired differently. We have the right to work with people with whom we have the right chemistry, particularly for something as personal, costly and time consuming as a project to create a home.

In my experience I would say that this process can end with deeply gratifying results.